DMZ Smuggling Tunnels

There is a complicated network of DMZ Smuggling Tunnels that make up a cave system hidden beneath the huge dunes that stretch between Rohan Oil and Al Mazrah City. These underground tunnels can be reached from the main Stronghold building. They are used for illegal activities and are cleverly hidden below the desert’s surface.

The structure of the Smuggling Tunnels is closely linked to the unique geography of the area. They provide a secret way for people doing illegal activities to get around and do their work. Players will find themselves deep in this secret world of mystery as they start their task. Their goal was to find the hidden Smuggling Tunnels, place tactical cams in the right places, and carry out a smooth extraction operation while also making progress in the game.

Get ready to discover the mysterious article below the dunes and find out what’s going on in the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels. In this exciting mission, every move counts.

Smuggling Tunnels is a Tier 2 challenge in Warzone 2 DMZ

Warzone 2’s DMZ is a huge, unpredictable area where players can find a huge number of Faction Missions, each with its own set of challenges and prizes. The “DMZ Smuggling Tunnels” task from the White Lotus faction is one of these. It is a Tier 2 quest that takes place in the middle of Al Mazrah.

Finding the hidden tunnels isn’t the only part of this task; it’s also about strategic surveillance and successful extraction. Players who finish this job will get the prestigious Perfect Duo calling card and a lot of XP. But the mission’s goals are deceptively easy because getting through the caves and finding their secrets is very hard. Even for experienced players, it’s a real test of their skill and strategy.

Finding the Tunnels for Smuggling

Finding the entrance to this secret network is a very important part of the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels quest. The tunnels are in a permanent Stronghold north of Zarqwa Hydroelectric. They lead to a secret world that is just ready to be discovered. To get into the maze-like cave system that runs under the desert and connects Rohan Oil and Al Mazrah City, players need a Stronghold Keycard. The main Stronghold is the main way in, but if you look closely, you might find other ways to get there from the north and west. Making it through these dark hallways successfully marks the end of the mission’s first important step.

Putting up Tactical Cameras: Planning to Keep an Eye on the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels

In the second part of the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels mission, players have to show how good they are at strategy by putting tactical cameras in key spots. At this very important point, surveillance needs to be set up at two specific entrances, which have already been named as the main Stronghold’s northern and eastern entry points. Before going into the DMZ, players must get their first camera as a field update to get a full picture. But because this is a one-off deployment, it’s often necessary to get an extra camera to meet the surveillance goals of the task. To go deeper into the dark tunnels, you need to be able to do this job perfectly.

Finishing the Mission: Victory in the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels

Setting up tactical cameras and achieving surveillance targets is the last step in the Smuggling Tunnels task. The goal is to successfully exfiltrate people in the same deployment. Players must be very careful as they cross the dangerous DMZ in this final part, which requires careful planning and skillful execution. This Faction Mission isn’t just about getting to the end; it’s also a test of how well the player knows the Warzone 2 DMZ, and it comes with a unique calling card and a lot of experience points. This victory isn’t just a task accomplished; it’s a declaration of mastery in the face of huge challenges.

The History of Smuggling Tunnels: A Testimony to Skill and Strategy

As the last part of the Smuggling Tunnels quest starts, players will have to escape the chaos of the DMZ, which is the ultimate test. This important moment is the result of careful planning and close observation, and it needs a perfect mix of planning and doing. Making it through this dangerous path safely is a big win that will forever mark the player’s skill as a task hero. The rewards, a unique calling card, and a lot of XP show that the player has not only completed goals but also become better at navigating the tricky and harsh Warzone 2 DMZ landscape.

The Legacy of Smuggling Tunnels: Figuring Out What’s Going on in the Warzone 2 DMZ

The Smuggling Tunnels mission is more than just a part of Warzone 2 DMZ; it shows how full of wonder, strategy, and success the game is. When players start this quest, they’re not just looking to win; they’re also entering a world full of secrets and challenges. Finding your way through the Faction Missions and secret tunnels is what Warzone is all about—every step is a dance of danger and discovery. The history of these tunnels is a constant warning that beyond the chaos of battle, brave and smart people are drawn to the unknown.


Take a look at the Smuggling Tunnels Mission in Warzone 2 DMZ?

In Warzone 2: DMZ Smuggling Tunnels mission is an exciting quest that requires players to find and make their way through secret tunnels. The mission combines strategy and combat in a dynamic setting. The main part of Warzone 2 is the trip, which is full of discovery, danger, and tactical skill.

When I finish the Smuggling Tunnels mission, what prizes can I get?

When players complete the task successfully, they are given the Perfect Duo calling card and a big 7,500 XP boost to their game progress.

How do I find the Tunnels for Smuggling?

The Smuggling Tunnels are hidden inside a fixed stronghold that is located north of Zarqwa Hydroelectric. Players must have a Stronghold Keycard to enter a cave system that goes across the large dunes between Rohan Oil and Al Mazrah City. The main entry is inside the Stronghold building, but there are also entrances to the north and west.

What is DMZ Smuggling Tunnels War Zone?

DMZ Smuggling Tunnels are underground pathways in the DMZ that are not visible to most people. Also, these tunnels link two or three caves. You have to find the opening to these tunnels before you can go into them. The door usually looks like a hole in the ground, and there are usually some plants or grass hiding it. Once you get inside, you can also find different things, like guns, ammunition, and valuable loot. But be careful, because enemies often wait in the cave.

How do I find the place where the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels?

The Smuggling Tunnels are under a fortress at coordinates E3 on the map in the Warzone DMZ. You will need a Stronghold Keycard to get into the caves.

What is a Stronghold Keycard, and where can I get one?

A Stronghold Keycard is an important item that you need to get into the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels. More information about its exact position was not given in the content, so players will have to look around the game to find it.

Last Words

Discovering the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels in Call of Duty’s White Lotus assignment is amazing. Following this guide’s methods and recommendations will help you beat other players and finish your goal. Gather information, identify entrance points, utilize tools, navigate carefully through the tunnels, and find the mysteries. Good luck with your White Lotus quest!

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