12 Days of Christmas

All know the 12 Days of Christmas song. You’ve probably heard it so much by New Year’s that you know all 12 days. Why not include this famous carol in this year’s gifts? Anyone on your list who loves vintage holiday charm will adore 12 days of gifts based around one of the most famous Christmas songs. It will likely become an annual holiday tradition.

The only issue? Most song gifts are birds. Birds galore. We’ve hand-picked 12 verse-inspired gifts without being literal to aid you. Scroll down to see our 12 days of Christmas gifts.

In a Pear Tree, a Partridge

While half of the twelve gifts in “The 12 Days of Christmas” include our lovely feathered companions, the first gift on the list also comes with some greenery to go with that bird. A wonderful gift that will keep on giving, year after year, would be a pear tree, provided your receiver lives in the appropriate hardiness zone. While some cultivars yield fruit and some do not, all have stunning white flowers throughout the spring. A partridge ornament on the tree is a great way to tie the whole thing together.

Additional recommendations

  • A gift basket of popcorn and relish made with Harry and David pear
  • A handmade pie with pears
  • A tree that the Arbor Day Foundation planted in their honor
  • A children’s pear night light
  • The Body Shop body care set with pears

A Pair of Turtle Doves

The first recorded version of “The 12 Days of Christmas” was in an English children’s book in 1780, although Americans adore it as much as Europeans. US mourning doves, adorable small birds that pair for life, are closest to European turtle doves.

An excellent ground-level bird feeder may honor “The 12 Days of Christmas,” so acquire one. Land-based mourning doves eat sunflower seeds, broken corn, millet, and oats. Give doves a food bag.

Additional Recommendations

  • A bird’s bath
  • A set of dove earrings made of sterling silver.
  • Binoculars for seeing birds
  • Two stained glass turtle doves
  • A tin of homemade sugar cookies in the shape of doves

French Hens

Now, granted, you’re not likely to choose a trip to Paris as a present when it comes to the “three French hens” stanza. However, a tasty handmade version of the traditional French chicken stew coq au vin paired with a fine French wine certainly works as a successful stand-in, doesn’t it? They will shout “Ooh la la!” if you give them a lovely hen card inviting them to this really special supper that will open on Christmas morning.

Additional Recommendations

  • French classes on Duolingo
  • The beloved children’s book The Tiny Red Hen
  • Bradley Vera French hens soft throw rug
  • A humorous v-neck t-shirt with three French hens
  • Give a family in need a flock of chicks in their honor by using Heifer International.

Four Birds Screaming

Although “four calling birds” can sound a little confusing at first, we think it’s a great idea to give something that’s intended to be used for both sending and receiving messages. You might also choose to give another item that features birds.

A lovely DIY bespoke phone case adorned in the recipient’s preferred colors would make a clever play on the word “calling” in the song’s lyrics.

Additional Thoughts

  • Binoculars and a book about bird viewing
  • An adorable letterhead
  • A feeder filled with birdseed Yuletide decorations
  • A decoration with four calling birds
  • Brass bird ornament

Rings of Gold

In observance of this following passage, we highly doubt that you will want to buy real gold rings—unless you are exchanging gifts with your significant other. Alternatively, choose a witty twist that your host or hostess would like.

Give gold napkin rings or any other type of Christmas décor as gifts. In this manner, the present receiver can utilize it for years to come to decorate their house or Christmas table.

Depending on how much time you have for a weekend DIY project, you can either make your own or buy a set.

Additional Thoughts

  • Ring toss game outside
  • Donuts made from scratch or delivered
  • Five golden rings as decoration on a gold ring dish
  • Bracelet with a gold chain

A Laying Geese

In observance of the sixth verse of “The 12 Days of Christmas,” choose a present that includes eggs or geese. Making a great pot of homemade eggnog is our favorite concept.

It’s a seasonal staple that goes well with the theme and maybe had on its own or as part of a larger Christmas cocktail mix.

You can even go one step further with your present by incorporating festive cups to drink your beverage in.

Other Thoughts

  • A cookbook called “Wild Geese” with eggs
  • Witty goose socks
  • Egg-shaped light fixture
  • Egg cups with six Geese-a-Laying miniature bell ornaments


Another “12 Days of Christmas” present idea that you can make yourself is this one. This Christmas season, inspire self-care by making a batch of Shaken Together Life’s chamomile lavender oatmeal milk bath.

The good news is that you’ll have enough milk bath leftover from just one dish, which you can use for yourself or give to loved ones!

Other Thoughts

  • Christmas mugs with ingredients for hot chocolate inside
  • Set of cow milk creamer
  • Unexpected delivery of ice cream
  • An ice cream maker
  • A milk frother
  • Gift set with milk punch

Sterling Silver Boma Dove Earrings

My true love brought me two turtle doves on Christmas Day 2.

We thought of earrings when we read “two turtle doves”—these sterling silver studs would match the recipient’s jewelry. Hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and expertly fashioned from 100% recycled sterling silver, they come in a stylish jewelry bag for gifting.

Ice cream pitcher in cow shape

“On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me eight maids a-milking.”

This cow-shaped cream pitcher is cute. Creamer, maple syrup, and other condiments fit in its 40-milliliter capacity. A comfort-grip handle, moisture-resistant inner and exterior coating, and drip-free spout are featured.


When should the Twelve Days of Christmas begin?

Christian theology says the 12 Days of Christmas start on December 25 and end on January 6. To have the last gift arrive on Christmas Day, give the first gift on December 14.

Does the 12 Days of Christmas end on December 24 or 25?

Christian theology says the 12 days of Christmas begin on December 25 and end on January 6. You decide whether to follow this tradition or go on your dates.

Who wrote “The 12 Days of Christmas”?

No one knows who authored “The 12 Days of Christmas”. It debuted as an English rhyme around 1780. In 1909, English musician Frederic Austin created a traditional folk song for the poem. Since then, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and others have popularized the song.

Why join the 12 Days of Christmas?

There are many reasons to do the 12 days of Christmas.

Must Christmas Twelve Days Be Anonymous?

No legislation requires anonymity, yet it’s frequently done. Sign your name or do a sneaky Santa project. If you include freshly baked goods, knowing where your gifts come from may help recipients feel better.

Cheap 12 Days of Christmas gifts

There are many affordable 12 Days of Christmas gift options. Homemade baked goods, a tiny potted plant, a personalized ornament, holiday-themed mugs, a comfortable blanket, and a DIY coupon book for kindness or rewards are suggestions.

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