Amazon Layoffs

In January of this year, Amazon layoffs off 18,000 employees, the most employment cutbacks in the company’s history.

Several tech companies, including Amazon, implemented layoffs due to changing economic circumstances, reorganizing their organizations, reducing expenses, and making more comprehensive strategic choices.

Although most of Amazon’s 1.5 million workers are employed in warehouses, some of the company’s layoffs also affected positions at its headquarters offices. In addition to implementing hiring freezes, the corporation has also initiated layoffs.

November 2023

“Several hundred” workers in Amazon’s Alexa division are being let go, including team members that just launched its artificial general intelligence initiative.

Daniel Rausch, vice president of Amazon for Alexa and Fire TV, informed his colleagues about the layoffs and stated that the company’s goal is to reallocate resources to generative AI.

To better align with our business priorities and what we know matters most to customers, we’re adjusting parts of our invention-related initiatives as we go along. This includes optimizing the resources and efforts we have dedicated to generative AI. Several hundred jobs are being destroyed due to these changes, forcing us to halt several efforts,” Rausch stated in the email.

A message to staff members stated that Amazon Games has eliminated slightly more than 180 positions. The gaming division focuses on Prime Gaming and shutting its Crown Channel and Game Growth programs as part of the restructuring.

Vice President of Amazon Games Christoph Hartmann stated in the email, “After our initial restructuring in April, it became clear that we needed to focus our resources even more on the areas that are growing with the highest potential to drive our business forward.”

July 2023

Amazon Fresh fired hundreds of “zone lead” employees who managed grocery store sections. The company told employees that the chain’s cost cuts caused the layoffs.

An Amazon representative, Jessica Martin, said, “like any retailer, we periodically assess our stores’ organizational needs and make decisions to increase efficiencies for our employees and deliver customer value.” “As a result, we’ve decided to evolve our in-store staffing and operations model to serve our customers and teams better.”

December 2023


is looking into selling its European business and closing its shared scooter operation based in the United States, TechCrunch has exclusively discovered.

Bolt announced that on December 15, 29% of their employees were let go. The online retailer with a reputation for one-click checkout was once the focus of a federal investigation.


According to an email from new president and CTO Mo Elshenawy dated December 14, the troubled self-driving car firm is laying off 900 workers, or 24% of its workforce, according to information that TechCrunch exclusively received.

Etsy is letting go of 11% of its employees. CEO Josh Silverman mentioned a “very challenging macro and competitive environment” in a letter to staff members dated December 13.

Chipper Money

Has allegedly let go of fifteen employees across several departments. The financial unicorn would be making its fourth wave of layoffs this year.


Closed its doors three months after declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy, citing debt of $900 million.

It has been claimed that Sunfolding is closing its doors. Y Combinator classifies Sunfolding as an “inactive” startup on its website.

More than 500 workers will be let off by Zulily when its fulfillment sites in Nevada and Ohio close in February 2024.

D2iQ is Selling Its Assets to Nutanix and Ceasing Operations

Reports show Atmosphere has let go of a significant portion of its staff. In 2022, the business-oriented streaming television service raised $100 million.

More than 10% of Tidal’s workforce is being let go, the business confirmed to TechCrunch on December 7.

ZestMoney is ending its business. The “buy now, pay later” firm funded by Goldman Sachs was estimated to be worth $450 million.

Navan, the travel firm formerly TripActions, is eliminating roughly 145 positions in preparation for going public.

Amazingly Constructed

is making 20% of its staff redundant. In 2022, the software development business secured a $35 million Series B fundraising round.

The company declared on December 5 that Bill would close its Sydney office and reduce about 15% of its workers to boost profitability.

Coursera announced on December 5 that it had fired 23 development, operations, and engineering employees.

Pivo terminated its activities on December 5. The Nigerian financial business raised $2 million in a previous seed round.

On December 4, Twilio announced the termination of hundreds of employees or 5% of the total workforce.


is laying off roughly 1,500 employees, the business said on December 4. This is the third round of layoffs that Spotify has had this year.

Bending Utensils

has terminated all employees of Filmic, the group that created the well-known photo and video editing software Bending Spoons purchased in July.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon Layoffs

How does Amazon Layoffs which employees to fire?

This section offers insights into the variables considered and the decision-making process behind Amazon layoffs.

What assistance does Amazon Layoffs, workers?

Examining Amazon Layoffs support systems, we describe the help given to impacted workers and the tools available to help them adjust.

Can fired workers go back to work for Amazon Layoffs?

This section explores the potential of returning to Amazon Layoffs and clarifies the company’s return policy guidelines.

How can workers deal with the psychological effects of being laid off?

We address the emotional fallout and provide helpful advice, links, and firsthand accounts to assist people in overcoming the psychological effects of Amazon Layoffs.

Are there any examples of someone prospering after being Amazon Layoffs?

This section provides hope and motivation by showcasing those who overcame adversity via inspiring success stories.

What can other businesses take away from Amazon’s termination policy?

By examining Amazon’s strategy, we offer other businesses guidance on managing layoffs with compassion, openness, and an emphasis on worker welfare.

In Summary

The Amazon Layoffs are a monument to the resiliency of people and the transformational potential of change in the ever-changing corporate world. It takes creativity, adaptation, and optimism to overcome these obstacles.

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