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Various buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) systems have gained popularity over time, and Quadpay (now known as Zip) is one of them. Imagine being able to purchase something you truly need, but the seller allows you to pay for it throughout four or more equal installments. This credit option is interesting since it allows you to pay the item’s full price whenever possible. Although many people use it, alternative apps like Quadpay are available.

We are highlighting these apps, such as Quadpay, in this article. We also want to review these apps’ features and assist you in determining if they are useful for you.

How Do Apps Like QuadPay Operate and What Is Zip QuadPay?

Since its launch in 2017, roughly five years ago, Zip has worked with over 81000 retail partners worldwide and served over 9 million clients.

With QuadPay, online and offline retailers and eCommerce users can divide their payment amounts into four equal, interest-free installments over six weeks. But when a firm has a Zip Account, they gain further advantages.

Let’s use an example to grasp this better.

Let’s say you saw something you love and want to buy it immediately. Regretfully, you have run out of money. However, you have a Zip account allowing you to purchase your item without depleting your funds. You can use the popular “buy now, pay later” option to acquire your goods. This is how Zip’s normal account operates in this situation.

With QuadPay, you may pay for your purchase over six weeks in four equal, interest-free installments. Over six weeks, you make four payments, the first due at checkout. Every other week is when the three outstanding payments are due.

If you would want to begin using ZipPay, follow these steps:

1) Select your account: Select the account that best meets your needs to profit from Zip’s payment features.

2) Register in minutes: To ensure a successful sign-up, include your birthdate and first, middle, and last names.

3) Download the app: Use the Zip App/QuadPay App to begin shopping, manage your account information, tap to pay in-store, and more.

4) Repay how you like: Take advantage of Zip’s beautiful payment system and make weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments with no negative effects on your credit.

Zip (now Quadpay) Alternatives

Without a doubt, there are more apps like QuadPay available. These days, BNPL plans are very common. Therefore, many apps are available that provide this kind of funding.

Similar to Zip, these apps let you make purchases now and pay for them later.

Erste Klarna (Apps Like Quadpay)

I use many online buying websites, especially those that sell clothes, and I frequently see Klarna there. That’s because it’s among the most well-known BNPL businesses in existence.

You can divide the cost of your online purchases with Klarna. You can also enjoy special offers and savings using the Klarna app.

You may get a $5 welcome prize by downloading the Klarna app, performing one payment, and logging in.

Klarna is currently highly regarded. The app has 358,900 reviews and 4.6 stars in the Google Play store. Additionally, it has 520,000 ratings and 4.8 stars on the App Store. Customers, therefore, adore it and find it popular.

PayPal: A User-Friendly App Similar to Qaudpay

Apps like Quadpay, PayPal is a great, user-friendly tool created as a digital wallet that allows you to send, receive, and buy money all in one location. A digital bank made it very easy to conduct international transactions. But PayPal’s financing option for digital wallets offers an amazing BNPL service to users.

They have a reasonable interest rate. However, you must pay 2.9% and an additional $0.3 for each transaction. With PayPal, there won’t be any late fees—that much is certain. For every item, you need to pay 25% of the total cost, which you can pay three more times to complete your purchase.

The ease of use and efficiency of PayPal credit make it the most convenient option. The application process is straightforward, and the user interface is quite basic.

Sezzle (Apps like Quadpay)

sezzle apps like quadpay

 Customers who pay on time to Sezzle (apps like quadpay) can record their payment history to credit bureaus, which might help them establish credit. Sezzle is the only supplier that offers this option.

Users of Sezzle have three alternatives for making payments: Pay in 2, Pay in 4, and Pay Monthly. Pay Monthly’s interest can range from 5.99% to 34.99%, while Pay in 2 and Pay in 4 have 0% interest.

Customers that use to pay 50% at the moment of purchase and the remaining 50% the week after. Like all other providers, it offers a pay-in-four option. A 25% down payment is required at the time of purchase, with the remaining three installments due every other week for six weeks. The final option, Pay Monthly, allows for Sezzle’s banking partners to approve a loan amount and can be divided into three to 48 months.

Sezzle distinguishes itself with its update, Sezzle Up, which allows users to submit their payment history to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. This is the only supplier on our list that offers a credit reporting opt-in. Not only will your spending limit increase if you pay your bills on time, but your credit history will also help to establish or restore your credit.

Consumers can upgrade by confirming their personal information with a genuine SSN, paying off an order on time, and associating their bank account or debit card as the default for planned payments.

Affirm: Ideal for extended payback periods

Why Affirm is unique?

Affirm normally provides loan durations of three, six, or twelve months, but on larger loans, you may be able to borrow for up to forty-eight months. The APR is between 0% and 36%.

It is available at checkout or via virtual card – When you shop on participating merchants’ websites, such as Adidas, Walmart, and West Elm, you can check out using Affirm. However, Affirm is also available online and in locations without a checkout counter.

All you have to do is submit an online or mobile application for an Affirm loan. If accepted, money will be added to a virtual credit card that you can use anywhere Visa is accepted for a single transaction.

Down payment

Should you be ineligible for a loan that does not cover the entire amount of your purchase, Affirm may demand a down payment.

No fees  

Affirm loans don’t charge any fees, not even late or service fees.

Takes into account several variables

When evaluating your loan application, Affirm considers variables other than your credit ratings, like your account and payment history with the business.

AfterPay (Alternative to QuadPay)

The best alternative of QuadPay is AfterPay. Of all people, 29% utilize AfterPay.  Customers can choose from the same kind of solutions QuadPay and AfterPay provide. Customers can easily shop with them without worrying about the repayment process.

You can purchase anything using AfterPay’s “buy now, pay later” option. The greatest substitute for apps similar to QuadPay is AfterPay.

Buyers have the option to repay the amount borrowed over six weeks. Get the app and take advantage of its features.


Having the option to purchase items you enjoy without worrying about paying for them right away has gotten much easier, thanks to the global market availability of these mobile applications. The current generation benefits greatly from these uses.

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