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In Washington, Christmas Tree Shops, a failing home goods retailer, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection two months ago, and it now intends to close all of its remaining locations. It has also started sale phase operations.

Upon filing for bankruptcy, the business, with its headquarters in Massachusetts, intended to finish reorganisation and emerge from Chapter 11 as a “financially stronger retailer” by the end of August. Christmas Tree Shops only had a few underperforming locations set for closure.

However, Christmas Tree Shops acknowledged in a court statement last week that it had fallen behind on a $45 million bankruptcy loan and that, barring a buyer in the previous hour, it would liquidate its more than 70 surviving sites across 20 states.

A statement from the company handling the liquidation on Friday and a post on the retailer’s website stated that going-out-of-business sales with discounts of up to 50% off are now in progress.

Bloomberg reports that the retailer is negotiating with lenders to continue funding operating expenditures as the going-out-of-business sales get underway, as stated by the company’s attorney during a Friday court session.

After Bed Bath & Beyond, which also filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, sold the business in 2020, it is currently owned by a new company.

A court petition states that Christmas Tree Shops intends to cease selling and honouring gift cards on July 21, 2023.

Christmas Tree Shops Retail Closures in 2023: Complete List of Home Good Closing Locations

New England

  • Danbury: 15 Backus Ave
  • Manchester: Hale Road (120%
  • Orange: 220 Indian River Road
  • Waterford: 824 Turnpike in Hartford


  • 5450 Brandywine Parkway is Brandywine
  • Rehoboth Beach: Coastal Highway 19563

Sunshine State

  • Florida: 130 East Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs
  • Estero: 8020 Mediterranean Drive
  • Jacksonville: Southside Boulevard, 8801-7.
  • Sarasota: 147 N Cattleman Road


  • September: 239 C. Robert Michael Pkwy

The Indiana

  • Greenwood: US Hwy 31 at 1230 N
  • Mishawaka: 5851 North Grape Road

In Kentucky

  • Florence: Hansel Avenue, 1336


  • Avon: 15 Stockwell Drive
  • Foxboro: 340 Patriots Place
  • Holyoke: 39 Holyoke Street
  • Hyannis: 655 Route 132
  • Lynnfield: Broadway and Rt. 1 South, 28–34
  • Natick: 1298 Worcester Street
  • South Washington Street, 1505 North Attleboro
  • Address: 65 Faunce Corner Road, North Dartmouth
  • Orleans: 10 S Orleans Road
  • Pembroke: 296 Old Oak Street
  • Shrewsbury: At 1000 Boston Turnpike
  • Middlesex Avenue: Somerville, 177
  • West Dennis: Main Street at 425

The District of Maryland

  • Hagerstown: Cole Road, 17151
  • Waldorf: Festival Way, 2925

The State of Maine

  • At 42 Whitten Road in Augusta
  • Bangor: 46 Springer Drive
  • Scarborough: Payne Road (490)


  • Taylor: Eureka Road, 23869
  • Utica: 13361 Hall Road

North Carolina

  • Fayetteville: Skibo Road, 2053
  • Greensboro: 1210 Bridford Pkwy East

New Hampshire

  • 41 Nashua Avenue Gusabel
  • North Conway: White Mountain Highway 1584
  • 100 in Portsmouth Durgin Street
  • Salem: Route 28 at 92 Cluff Crossing Road

Jersey City

  • Brick: 479 East Route 70
  • Bridgewater: 202/206 Route 365
  • Cherry Hill: 2130 West of Route 70
  • Deptford Centre Road 1775 Deptford
  • 100 Freehold Walkers Path
  • Mays Landing: 230 Square Consumers
  • Ikea Drive: 300 in Paramus
  • Rockaway: 327 Mount Hope Avenue
  • Springfield: 355 West Route 22
  • Woodland Park: US Route 46, 1728

New York

  • Albany: 1425 Central Avenue
  • Amherst: Suite 500, 1701 Niagara Falls Blvd
  • Deer Park: 1150 The Arches Circle
  • Hartsdale: 393 North Central Avenue
  • Harry L: 420 in Johnson City Drive
  • Middletown: 1100 North Galleria Drive
  • Northern Lights Plaza: North Syracuse, 132
  • Poughkeepsie: South Road, 1895
  • Riverhead: 1791 Old Country Road, CR58
  • Rochester, NY: 790 Jefferson Road, Route 252
  • Staten Island: Bricktown Avenue 85


  • Dayton: Miamisburg, 2264 Road Centerville

The Pennsylvania

  • Allentown: 916 Airport Centre Drive
  • Erie: 2088 Interchange Road
  • Moosic: 4001 Shoppes Blvd
  • Swatara: 4690 High Pointe Blvd
  • York: Concord Road, 2935

Rhode Island

  • Middletown: Main Road, 99 East, Middletown
  • Warwick: Route 2, 300 Quaker Lane

South Carolina

  • Greenville: Eleven17 Woodruff Road

The Virginia

  • Glen Allen: 9819 West Broad Street

The Vermont

  • Williston Address: 100 Cypress St

Closing its website, Home Goods

Customers received the news over email from TJX Companies on October 18, as Parade initially reported. Two years have passed since the “Home Decor and More” business opened.

The email stated, “We’ve decided to focus our resources on our brick-and-mortar stores.”

In the upcoming weeks, “many new store openings” were another promise made by the corporation.

The last day to shop at Home Goods.com is October 21, and on October 22, the website’s e-commerce features will cease to operate. The company’s website will still have a store locator and other standard features.

Disregard Costco Travel: Our travel agent can secure a fantastic discount for your ideal getaway.

TJ Maxx and Marshalls will keep running their online businesses. Both Home Goods’ sister stores and their locations accept gift vouchers.

Home Goods has been operating profitably

According to Klinger, Home Goods’ same-store sales increased by 4% during the second quarter. Additionally, the company saw “a significant increase in our end customer traffic.”

The CFO also provided some context for the brand’s performance to date and his expectations for the future.

“HomeGoods’ segment profit margin increased by 600 basis points to 8.7% in the second quarter, all thanks to lower freight expenses. We continue to have faith in the long-term prospects for expanding our Home Goods and HomeSense brands and gaining more market share in the United States for homes,” he continued.

Klinger also said that TJX Companies planned to leverage recent bankruptcies, such as Bed Bath & Beyond, to support its growth.

Regarding the real estate opportunities, we’ve been involved from the outset. When merchants decide to close stores, we seize the best sites that meet our requirements. And as we see stores close, we’ll keep doing it,” he continued.

One of the most significant small towns for shopping was North Carolina Town.

Readers of USA Today were recently asked to vote for their “10 best” campaign. “The Best Small Towns for Shopping” was one of those categories. Additionally, one community in North Carolina made the list of the top ten small towns for shopping! This alpine village is somewhere I’ve never been so that I may visit. Most of the outdoor shopping areas on this list are best enjoyed during the summer months when travelling. It surprises me that I have only seen one of these towns—the one that is the furthest away, strangely enough! However, I can’t wait to visit all of these that I have bookmarked. Among my favourite things are shopping and visiting old places.

There’s still time to organise your summer vacation, and these small towns are a shopping enthusiast’s dream come true! Particularly if you enjoy handmade or distinctive goods. Several of them are alpine communities that may make excellent winter travel destinations. That is if you don’t mind being cold. You can drive or fly to any of these locations because we cover much of the country!

FAQs: Revealing the Solutions

How can I guarantee the house products’ quality at closing?

To guarantee quality, check the things as soon as they are delivered, and don’t wait to fix any issues. Speak with vendors to ensure a quick fix.

Are there any seasons when home goods closing sales are excellent?

Indeed, seasonal trends influence pricing, so taking advantage of sales or end-of-season clearing can result in significant savings.

Can an online home goods closing be negotiated?

Indeed, it is feasible to negotiate. Please contact vendors, let them know what you want, and ask about any possible discounts or extra benefits.

Which paperwork should I get ready for a closing on a home goods transaction?

Ensure you have your delivery receipts, warranty details, and order confirmation. These records guarantee a seamless closing procedure.

How can I steer clear of typical problems while closing a house sale?

Examine vendors, go through reviews, and understand return guidelines. This information assists you in avoiding potential problems such as getting defective goods or needing help processing returns.

Is it possible to integrate sustainable practices with home goods closing?

Certainly, select eco-friendly items, use recyclable packaging, and back programmes that encourage the home goods sector to be more sustainable.

In summary

You can become an expert at concluding home goods transactions. Equipped with practical knowledge, firsthand encounters, and a thorough comprehension, you’re prepared to set out on a trip that will make closing sales of home products a smooth and fulfilling affair.

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