Dog Christmas Gifts

We enjoy buying dog Christmas gifts and their owners more than anybody else. In this article, You may buy treats and toys for dogs and amusing dog-related gifts for dog lovers for the holidays.

We love the West Paw Dog’s Best Friend board game, which lets people and dogs play together on game night. One activity involves hiding in the house with a noisy toy to see how fast your dog discovers you.

Many other concepts exist. Before packing your dog’s stocking, check out these great dog and dog-loving gifts.

West Paw Treat Dispensing Dog Toy Puzzle

While all West Paw dog toys are sturdy and ecological, we like the Toppl. Make dinner or treat time entertaining and challenging by filling and freezing it with treats. It has two sizes and three sherbet hues. Tugg, fetch, and treat toys like the West Paw Qwizl are also great.

Price upon publication: $20

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Subscription

This coffee and rescue dog Christmas gifts subscription pays back in multiple ways. Send Belly Rub Blend or Rescue Roast for three, six, or 12 months. A portion of the proceeds helps rescue dogs.

Kurgo Car Seat Cover

There are many car seat covers to protect against muddy paws and dog hair. This car seat was our “best looking” pick. It’s a bright blue hammock or bench seat cover with orange or gray stitching.

Neo and Max Nylon Reflective Double Dog Leash

Our favorite dog leash. It includes a traffic handle closer to the clasp so you can swiftly control your dog when crossing the street. It has two lengths and seven colors. Every sale donates one to a rescue, so bonus points.

Sheri Best Friends Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

Never have too many excellent dog beds. Dogs sink into this shaggy, plush donut bed. The shag keeps a dog warm when they curl up, and the padding provides comfort. Five sizes and rainbow colors are available.

Yeti Boomer 8 Dog Bowl

The attractive dog bowls come in two sizes and over a dozen colors. It’s made of non-insulated double-walled stainless steel with a rubber bottom ring to prevent slippage. A 5-year warranty covers the dishwasher-safe bowl.

Luxury Dog Champup & Pawsecco Collection

Celebrate the new year with your pet. Woof Clicquot Rose and Dog Perignon are festive versions of this plush dog toy.

Hydration on the Go

This mushroom-topped water bottle keeps dogs hydrated on hot days and lengthy excursions. To make a leak-proof bowl, twist the Flip Dog Travel Bottle’s top handle and flip the silicone cap inside out. Water rises from the bottle into the food-safe basin when squeezed. Green, black, or white colored lightweight bottles are available at 15, 20, or 22 ounces. Its carabiner attaches to a backpack, and the bottom fits most car cup holders.

A Pillow Pet

A whimsical pet-shaped pillow will please dog lovers. Send a high-res photo, choose a size (10, 16, or 24 inches), and study the digital mock-up. A dog-shaped photo-realistic pillow will arrive in a week for your pet lover. Although less soft than canine fur, the pillow’s polyester velvet will do. These cushions appear so lifelike they may be the actual thing!

Twice the Fun Toy

Some dogs are fine with one toy all day. Others require changes. Variety-loving dogs will love the Kong Jumbler Ball. A squeaking tennis ball is within the flexible clear shell. This ball’s outer handles make it easy for humans to pick up and toss, or for dogs to shake and throw. Wirecutter crew recommends two more Kong puzzles. The plastic Kong Wobbler can hold hard treats or kibble, and dogs rapidly learn that moving it releases a reward. Kong Classic offers the same fun but with wet food.

Squeaks Quietly

A squeaky toy can entertain a rambunctious dog but also annoy neighboring humans. The Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Squeaker Toy’s 24–28 kHz frequency thrills dogs but is barely audible to humans. When chomped, this squeaker emits a low-key whooshing sound like air being pushed. Hear Doggy toys are plush, flat, and “chew-guard” tech. Any plush toy, even the tough ones, can be destroyed by dogs with an internal search-and-destroy mission. However, our testers found this toy challenging and worth it for the silence.


An adventurous dog must roll the IQ Treat Ball or pick it up and dump it to get a piece of kibble. Sounds easy, but one editor said it was the best dog toy she’d ever bought, lasting years of hard play and providing hours of waggy-tailed pleasure. A little disc inside the sphere allows you to change the difficulty to keep things interesting. When gifting, consider size: Dogs under 40 pounds should use the 3-inch choice; those over 40 pounds should use the 4-inch.

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FAQ: Dog Christmas Gifts

What Dog Christmas Gifts -friendly?

Get your pet-safe Christmas toys made of sturdy, non-toxic materials. Choose toys without small, ingestible elements to avoid choking.

How can I size my Dog Christmas Gifts sweater?

Before buying a Christmas sweater, measure your dog’s neck, chest, and length. For a snug, comfortable fit, use the manufacturer’s sizing chart.

Are all dog treats edible?

Not all treats are alike. Choose natural snacks over those with additives or sugar. If you have dietary issues, ask your vet.

Can I give elderly Dogs Christmas Gift toys?

Absolutely! Choose plush toys or mild chews for sensitive-toothed senior Dog Christmas Gifts. Always consider their tastes and wants.

What are innovative Dog Christmas gift ideas?

Use dog-themed wrapping paper and a paw-print ribbon to customize gifts. You can also make a holiday gift basket with toys, sweets, and accessories.

How often should my dog get wellness treats?

Moderation matters. Treats are fun for dogs but offer them in moderation for a balanced diet. Use your dog’s weight to determine serving size.


When shopping for dog Christmas gifts, remember that the joy you enjoy with your pet is the ultimate gift. May this holiday season bring wagging tails, playful barking, and genuine dog joy.

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