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Unrepost TikTok: The most recent feature released by the video streaming app is the ability to republish videos on TikTok. It lets users share and rebroadcast interesting videos from TikTok without having to remix or reupload them.

Reposts are like Twitter retweets but display on your friend’s “For You” page. Use Add Caption to credit the original creator.

Since the report icon in the share menu is near other operations, you could have unintentionally republished the video. Unreposting a video is relatively easy if you decide you made a mistake and want to fix it.

What Unrepost TikTok?

Unrepost TikTok is posting someone else’s video on your account. By doing so, your followers will be able to see the video that you repost. However, the video will not display on your profile page. It’s comparable to tweeting or posting on Facebook or other social media.

Reposting material on TikTok is an excellent method to interact with other content producers, share what you enjoy, and support other people’s efforts. In actuality, sharing excellent material from other users might help you earn followers in addition to your content creation.

Reposting videos on TikTok is a terrific idea, yet you might wish to alter a video you mistakenly republished or shared. If so, continue reading to find out how to remove reposts on TikTok.

How can I Edit Reposts on TikTok?

You cannot change your subtitles or comments after reposting a video to your followers. Reposting anything can only be edited by removing the repost and leaving a new remark instead of editing the original. Performing this step will re-post your video to your followers’ stream.

Go to your profile page and look for the share arrow, which is located in the lower right corner of your screen, to find your reposted videos. You may quickly locate your uploaded video from there and remove it if you’d like.

How to Take Back a TikTok Repost

You can unrepost a video as quickly as repost it if you uploaded the incorrect one or decide you no longer want it on your profile! To access your reposts, navigate to your profile and click the double arrow button. To unrepost a TikTok video, click on it. Then, take the actions listed below:

Re-tap the Share button on the video that has been reposted.

Reposting the video and undoing a report are the same methods. Click the share button on the TikTok video you wish to take down to un-repost it.

Select “Remove repost” from the menu.

“Remove repost” will now appear in place of the yellow icon that represents the “Repost” option. Click or tap “Remove repost.”

 Confirm the removal in the pop-up window to remove the repost from the user’s TikTok account.

A pop-up box inquiring if you want to remove or cancel the repost will show when you hit the “Remove repost” option.  To remove the repost, click the “Remove” button. That’s all there is to it! Your TikTok repost has been effectively unposted.

How Can I View TikTok Reposts?

What happened to that fantastic video you shared?  Great news: TikTok reposts are saved in your profile and may be shared with friends via your feed. To view your reposts on TikTok, take the following actions:

1. Click the “profile” icon after opening TikTok. This emblem, which resembles a black silhouette of a human, is situated in the bottom right of your screen.

2. Press and hold the symbol with two arrows in the toolbar beneath your bio. It is located close to the right side of the screen and resembles a recycling sign.

That’s it, dear! Every TikTok video you have ever reposted is here.  From there, you may unrepost, share, or watch reposted material again.

FAQs on Unrepost TikTok

How to Take Down a TikTok Repost

1. Select the video you want to remove from your page to start playing it.

2. On the right side, hit the Share button (the arrow labelled “right”).

3. Press Delete Repost. A confirmation notice ought to appear at the top of the screen.

Can I remove a TikTok video from my feed?

How to take down a TikTok repost

1. Locate the video on TikTok that you wish to unrepost by opening it.

2. To access the Send to menu, tap the arrow symbol in the video’s bottom-right corner.

3. Press the gold “Remove repost” button in the menu’s upper-left corner.

How long does it take for a Unrepost TikTok video to become active?

I had already produced a video. Expressing my belief that TikTok reposting endured. For eternity, while many others said, “No, you’re wrong, it only lasted for a day.”

On TikTok, who may view your reposts?


A TikTok that a user chooses to repost will likely appear in their followers’ feeds. The reposted video is only visible to the user’s friends, who can only follow accounts that the user follows in return.

Does TikTok reposting aid in gaining followers?

Sharing information already submitted by another user is known as reposting. Reposting as a coach may help you expand your fan base, establish connections with other TikTok producers, and foster partnerships within the community. You could even expand the video’s audience beyond the fans of its original author!

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