Reading is beneficial to both the mind and the body. Reading books is a hobby for a lot of people. I’ve discovered an excellent resource for those who enjoy reading digital books online. These websites offer free access to, or downloads of, electronic books.

Project Gutenberg

The eBooks in Project Gutenberg date back to the 1970s. An American author established it in 1947. There are around 60,000 books available without charge in this digital library.  Volunteers from all over the world can help build this library thanks to Project Gutenberg.

They have access to charity funds, free eBooks, and more. No money is required. A book collection where membership is free of charge. EPUB, Kindle, HTML, and even plain text formats are all available for books.

Liberate the Books!

Open Library started with four people. A group of people including Aaron Swartz, Brewster Kahle, Alexis Rossi, Anand Chitipothu, and Rebecca Malamudare have collaborated to create this eBook library platform. The books in here are all free and of high quality.

This free library has a collection of over 3 million volumes. Books on anything from the arts and sciences to religion and health to cooking are all here. The fact that this eBook library’s collection is entirely free is its most appealing feature. Open Library offers free digital access to thousands of books.  

Z-Library: The Ultimate Ebook Resource

Regarding free online eBook libraries, Z library is your best bet. Millions of books, articles, and scholarly papers are free. Users have access to several eBooks using the Z lib platform.

Still, there is restricted access to the Z library. Charity and donations sustain its operations. Z-lib encourages academic participation through the submission of high-quality articles. The ability to create an account on this site is the online library’s key selling point. Users can sign up for an account on the site.

The Enormous Google eBook Store

Over ten million books are available for free in the Google eBookstore. These novels span from the classics to the most recent releases. The user interface of this eBook collection is superb. A user can look for books in many different languages.

Even books that have long been out of print are now available for download. The book selection on this website is extensive. You’re free to pick and choose which books you download. You can take as many books as you like for no cost. There is no cost associated with signing up.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is like a free public library where you can check out books, movies, music, and millions of websites without spending a dime. Daily traffic to this site averages around 1.5 million. Its foundation dates back to 1996. The target audience for this digital collection of books was the academic community, including researchers, professors, students, and historians. 

Library Genesis (or LibGen): A Digital Book Collection The vast Genesis library relies on file sharing. Books, papers, and other materials are available without cost. This website offers a wide range of informational resources. The content consists of periodicals, essays, books (both scholarly and popular), magazines, and photographs. For those in need of free articles, this is an excellent website.


You might think of Manybooks as an online book store for electronic books. It’s a free service that provides access to an extensive range of books. Users can search for and download various books in various file types. You can search for the books you want by their authors, titles, subjects, and translations.

Manybooks would not exist without the substantial contributions from Gutenberg. Now it stands on its own with access to thousands of books at no cost. eBooks are available for download in many formats, including EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. Don’t forget to review your favorite eBooks once you’ve downloaded them honestly.


BookBoon is an open eBook library that does not charge its users. This portal offers free textbook downloads for students. Books for engineering, IT, business, and short course students are readily available. The website also features a collection of short eBooks on soft skills and personal development written by specialists in the corporate world.


To put it simply, Librivox is a free eBook library. There are no advertisements on this site, only over 24,000 audiobooks. Online audiobooks are readily available and cost nothing to access. Librivox also has an Android app where you may listen to recent recordings.

Books about Coding Available Online

Students can read and download books from a free online library of programming books. Computer science, information technology, web design, and software engineering are all available to students.

Free Kindle Books from Amazon

Amazon’s Kindle Free Books is a free digital book collection. The best downloadable novels are available there. There is no set time or place to read a book. Almost six million publications, comics, and audio notes are available on Amazon Kindle.


One more place to find free books is Feedbook. It features a sizable assortment of free and paid books, fiction and nonfiction, and everything in between. This website has more than a million books for sale. All of these, though, come at a price. Only half are cost-free.

There are several different eBook formats to choose from, including EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. If you care about such things when selecting what to read, they even include word counts and estimated reading times.

By Gleyn Smith

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