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The YouTube star and talented songwriter Ms. Rachel is a household name in children’s entertainment. She has won over preschoolers worldwide with her sweet melodies and heartfelt lyrics.Today, this hustler’s story is a testament to her perseverance and creativity. What about Rachel’s love life? Please get to know Ms Rachel’s husband, children, and more!

Biography of Ms Rachel’s Husband

Full nameAaron Accurso
 Date of birthFebruary 26, 1979
Age44 (as of 2023)
Zodiac sign  Pisces
 Place of birthDenver, Colorado, USA
 Living inNew York City, United States.
 Religion American
Father MotherFrank J. Accurso Tanya L. Accurso
Relationship statusMarried ,Wife: Rachel 
EducationSt. Olaf College
Occupation  Music director, pianist, composer, and conductor

Has Rachel a Husband?

Children’s YouTube star Rachel Griffin Ms. Rachel married music composer Aron Accurso.

They live and work on their popular YouTube channel, “Ms. Rachel – Toddler Learning Videos.” They are happy and prosperous.

Ms. Rachel’s husband, Aron Accurso, who?

Aron Accurso is a talented music director and composer close to Ms. Rachel, personally and professionally. The dynamic duo works on many projects, including Songs for Littles on YouTube.

Aron Accurso, Rachel Griffin’s loving husband, composes and directs Broadway music for Aladdin, Sister Act, The Little Mermaid, and others. Denver-born Accurso lives in New York City with her family. Aron earned a Master of Music Education from New York University.

Aron Accurso and her wife, Ms. Rachel, have been writing songs and skits, composing music, and singing for their YouTube channel since 2019. Aron voices Rachel’s puppet friend Herbie in her videos! Aron is Rachel’s life partner and creative business partner, and they make the best toddler YouTube learning content!

Ms Rachel’s Husband, Accurso and Ms. Rachel Met How?

The “Songs for Littles” actress hasn’t said how she met Aron. Although they married on July 23, 2016, they have been happily married for over seven years.

Do Rachel and Ms Rachel’s Husband Have Kids?

Ms. Rachel and her dear husband, Aron, have two adorable children. Thomas Accurso, their 4-year-old son, was born in 2019, and their second child, whose name is unknown, was born in 2022.

Their inspiring work and popularity among new parents and babies are mainly due to Thomas, their first child.

Rachel looked for ways to help her son speak because he had a speech delay. Her Internet search yielded nothing useful. She decided to make learning materials for her son.

The couple decided to make interactive, speech-encouraging learning shows available to all toddlers worldwide. So they started “Songs for Littles.”

Age of Aron Accurso;Ms Rachel’s Husband

Ms Rachel’s Husband birthdate is February 26, 1979, making Aron Accurso 44. Since Aron and Rachel are close in age, they work and live together like best friends!

Rachel Griffin Accurso, your baby’s favorite, Ms. Rachel and her husband, are making the most of their time together. The couple loves and enjoys their son while helping millions of parents with their children’s speech!

Musical talents of Aron;Ms Rachel’s Husband

Ms Rachel’s Husband, Aron’s musical talents have been showcased on Broadway, including as Associate Music Director for Aladdin, but his collaboration with Ms. Rachel has opened up new creative avenues.

His expertise helps him create captivating children’s songs and engaging content for their channel with his life partner. In 2020, during the pandemic, they started Songs for Littles online.

The couple lives in New York with their 4-year-old son, who drives their YouTube channel. Knowing their son had a speech delay and didn’t speak until age two; they were inspired by their journey and the limited media resources available.

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Their Social media Influence

After launching her YouTube channel @msrachel in February 2019, Rachel, founder and CEO of Songs for Littles – Toddler Learning Videos, quickly gained a large following. Her channel has 2.95 million subscribers and over 1.7 billion views, making it a popular destination for parents and caregivers looking for engaging and educational content for their kids.

Miss Rachel’s Wealth

Ms. Rachel is a successful YouTuber with a $10 million net worth in 2023. Ms. Rachel’s YouTube channel earns $32k monthly from millions of views. This impressive income comes from ad revenue and sponsored content on her channel.

From using a green screen in the front room of her one-bedroom flat to living her dreams, Ms. Rachel has become one of the world’s most successful YouTubers. She makes money on social media and advises parents and teachers in her videos.

Recent Controversies: Ms. Rachel & Ms Rachel’s Husband

Some parents and speech therapists praise her speech-based and educational videos for vocabulary development, but others worry about screen time and educational content.

After watching videos, a British mother blamed Ms. Rachel for her child’s American accent.

 She asks on TikTok, “Is there anyone else with a British toddler—emphasizing British—who watches Ms. Rachel and, once they begin speaking, surprises you with an American accent?” She points the camera at her daughter, and they say words in the video.

Despite her baby’s early speech development, she effortlessly mimics her mother’s words. However, her accent is unlike her mother’s.

With nearly 5 million YouTube and TikTok subscribers, Ms. Rachel’s content resonates with a large audience. Her dedication to engaging educational content has changed how families approach early language acquisition.

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