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Have you heard of the popular Caucasian female persona on social media with captivating green eyes and wavy brown hair? She is the well-known Aunt Cass meme from Big Hero 6, a source of fascination for people everywhere in the media!

Do not worry—the article will explain the meme’s origins, purpose, and other important information. We’ll analyze meme’s roots and evolution.

The true pronunciation of “meme,” not me-me, is meem. In 1976, Richard Dawkins invented the term in The Selfish Gene.  Furthermore, Mimeme Dawkins, a Greek word, is the source of the meme term. The meaning of the word was “imitative thing”! In the animated film Big Hero 6, fans are fascinated with the meme Aunt Cass, which has gone viral on several social media sites.

What is the origin of the Aunt Cass meme?

The meme is based on the Big Hero 6 character Aunt Cass. However, one may wonder just who Aunt Cass is. Are you aware of Aunt Cass’s identity? Let’s talk about the popular fictional figure. Aunt Cass is one of the more intriguing roles in the Big Hero 6 movie franchise. In Big Hero 6, she portrays a guardian figure for all the main characters. The animated film stars the two brothers, Hiro and Tadashi, in the starring roles.

In addition to owning a bakery, Aunt Cass is shown to operate a coffee shop. In the film Big Hero 6, she is shown holding her nephew in a position that elevates the protagonist due to her intense love for her nephews. The characteristic that sets her apart is that she never fails to grin.

Aunt Cass’s Personalized Decal

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Describe Big Hero 6.

Do you know anything about the film Big Hero 6? If you enjoy animation, Big Hero 6 is a fictional superhero who plays a significant role in Marvel Comics. The well-known Man of Action artist is the creator of the show. It’s not true that Aunt Cass Meme gained popularity with the release of the animated film Big Hero 6!

The reality of Aunt Cass Memes

The Aunt Cass meme is popular because the character’s portrait is edited rather than authentic. Large breasts are artificially added because they provide appeal and draw in a lot of viewers.  In the movie, the character is covered by a shirt, unlike in the altered version. This photograph went viral on social media because of its attractive figure.

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What gave rise to Aunt Cass Meme?

The meme was first created in 2016 by Deviant Art user Rastifa. Because of the character’s cleavage, the image attracted a lot of attention and strong user communication, although it did not immediately go viral. The meme was born when users began using the image in their comments on adult jokes on Reddit in December 2020. The meme then gained momentum and is currently widely used in the media. As a result, the adorable Aunt Cass meme became viral, and the Big Hero 6 original character gained extraordinary notoriety.

What user reviews are available for Aunt Cass Meme?

We are unsure of the meme’s specific reviews and remarks, though. The primary reason the meme went viral, according to the research, is that most users found it highly entertaining!

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Last Remarks

The reason for Aunt Cass Meme’s widespread appeal is not just one. Along with being in love with the meme, the public is eager to make more of them. It completely contradicts the film’s initial, sincere, and innocent persona. For those who are viewing Big Hero 6 for the first time, the meme depicts a brazen Aunt Cass with enormous breasts that are too alluring and might be considered unethical.

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